What you need to know about entity attachments

The goal of this article is not to scare anyone but rather to inform about seances (like Oui-ja, etc.) and the consequences that they can have, I want to encourage everyone to be cautious.

Whether you want to do a seance "for fun", as an experiment, a bet or to get in touch with a deceased loved one, it involves some risks and can even be dangerous.

  • Why?

Spirits are a form of energy and generally, when we work with energies, we need to respect some rules because we are opening a door to another world. This door is like an energy portal between different dimensions, that is to say between our physical world and ethereal realms.

Some spirits are in the 4th dimension and others are in the 5th or higher. Generally speaking, the spirits that live in the 4th dimension are stuck and suffering but there are also malevolent entities who stay there deliberately to play tricks or cause harm.

In short, when we open a portal between dimensions, malevolent entities can take advantage of it to enter our world and attach to the someone's aura when this person is not prepared or experienced with seances.

  • What could happen?

Let's take the example of someone who is unprepared/unexperienced and who sincerely wants to get in touch with a deceased loved one in order to get reassurance, peace or a message. This person will probably have sadness in them, maybe even fear or nervousness, apprehension, etc. (these emotions have a rather low vibration). The seance starts, a portal opens…

A malevolent entity can for example pretend to be that deceased loved one in question. The person who is making contact is going to be happy to be in touch with their deceased loved one (or so they think) and they are going to invite the spirit to stay in touch and allow the connection…

Not only the malevolent entity will have an open door to our physical world, it will also have the permission to attach to the person's aura because that person will have used their free will to allow the malevolent entity who is pretending to be someone else to do so. An etheric cord will have been created and this malevolent entity will therefore be feeding off this person's energy.

I really want to say that a seance can be dangerous and that it is important to not do it without someone who has experience and knows about the rules of spiritual hygiene.

  • What could be the consequences?

Unpleasant situations for yourself and your loved ones, like for example: 

- cords and attachments to your aura that can lead to decrease your energy and vibrational frequency and result in depression, anxiety, headaches, strange or dark thoughts as if your mind was hacked, psychic attacks, implants…

- attachment to your house, lower energy (yours and also your house's), cold sensations in one or several room(s), items that move, weird things happening

- your children and/or pets (who are all sensitive to energies) can have strange/unusual behaviors: crying, terrors, not wanting to enter some rooms…

- cases of Poltergeist (ex: being pushed down the stairs, items being “thrown” at you)

- in some extreme cases, it can lead to possession, that is to say that the entity (in that case we can even talk about demon) takes control of your being

- if these things are not resolved in this incarnation, cords can be created at a karmic level and it could eventually impact your eventual next incarnation(s) (not everyone reincarnates, it depends on each soul's path) and also on your children (ex: curse, etc.)

Of course, there are solutions and it is possible to heal these situations in most cases, but my point is: why would anyone want to create problems for themselves? It would be like trying to cross the highway… it is a matter of caution and taking responsibility for one's actions.

  • Tips and precautions

If you would want to try and experience a seance - once again, I am not encouraging this but everyone is free to make their own choices - it is my duty to inform and advise - please allow me to give you some advice and precautions to take:

- shield and protect yourself (and the people you are doing this with) by setting the intention that only the pure energies coming from Source are allowed to come into your space. By doing so, you are closing the door to entities that could be hanging around waiting for an energy portal to open, they won't be allowed to enter because it is your free will that they don't

- ask Archangel Michael to protect you and activate His psychic protection flame

- you can also carry a crystal with you (like for example labradorite, black tourmaline…)

- use essential oils like Frankincense or cedar, their properties include protection

- use herbs, burn sage, Palo santo, incense and smudge the room, your aura…

- don't be afraid, entities are not to be feared because fear vibrates at a very low rate and it feeds them and opens doors. Entities will not impact you if you don't give them the power to do so

- once the seance is over, close the energy portal by setting the intention that it is now closed and smudge

Shielding and mindfulness are key elements for everything to go well. If you need you can hire a professional who can help you, feel free to contact me.

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