Inner Child healing

A few years ago, I created a guided meditation to heal you heal your inner child...

The goal of this meditation is to help you reconnect with this part of you in order to heal some wounds. People tend to say: "past is past and we should leave it there"… hmmm, yes… however, in this particular case, it is not about rehashing the past all the time by just watching that movie again and again… Here, we are talking about going back to the past in a controlled and conscious way with the purpose of healing wounds and in order to move forward even stronger - mindfulness makes al the difference. During the meditation, your subconscious mind will be giving you information and bring it to your conscious mind (for example, you can see if the situation you are currently facing reflects an old trauma or pattern that comes from childhood, etc.). You will be able to bring the necessary tools to your inner child part so that he/she can heal and grow. Knowledge releases the fear. If you decide to do this exercise several time, as time goes by and as you take care of your inner child, the image that you get from him/her will be evolving. After a few days or weeks, you might have another image of you as a child at a different age, which would correspond to another threshold, another important event that happened in your life that you need to address, you will be guided towards other needs that needs to be taken care of. That is also why it can be interesting to take notes about the images that you get, the feelings, emotions, etc. that way you can keep track of dates and see what events comes to the surface… This meditation can be done anytime during the day but please, never listen to it as you are driving as you want to have your full attention on the road (you will get into a relaxed state that could lower your awareness on the road, which could be dangerous for you and other people on the road).

You can find this meditation here

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