It is safe to feel and talk about how you feel

Are you afraid that expressing your emotions will make you sounds like you are "complaining" or "asking for attention"?

Let me tell you that it is not if it is done in a mindful and constructive way... However, it can be if one has the intention to "manipulate" someone in order to make them feel sorry for them or to get sympathy.

What is the difference?

Expressing your emotions is letting someone know how you feel, whether it is to clear some doubt or balance something you perceive as an imbalance.

Complaining or asking for attention is done by blaming, pointing finger or by always talking about what is going wrong in life.

It all has to do with:

- your intention

- the way you word things

- the energy you put behind words

And it's ok, sometimes one is not aware of it, my post is not here to shame or blame but to bring awareness so that one can shift the energy - it starts with awareness indeed!


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