It's ok to cry

This might sound like an unpopular opinion but have you ever heard "don't cry"?

I know I have and I was like "Why shouldn't I cry?" Usually the ones who tell you not to cry say so because

- they don't know how to react,

- they don't know what to say or do,

- they feel bad for seeing someone being vulnerable as if it was a bad thing...

Some can also tend to shame you if you cry... or maybe you are shaming yourself?

If you see someone cry, the most helpful thing you can do for them is to hold space and give them presence without judgment.

Crying doesn't always mean you're sad, it just means you have emotions, you are human and you're having a release, it's ok, it's healthy!

You don't have to have a "rational" reason to cry, if you need to release, do so, it's ok.

It happens during sessions that my clients have releases and I let them honor their needs, that's part of my job as a facilitator, I facilitate, meaning I make it easier for you to deal with what is not easy to deal with by yourself.

Honor yourself, your emotions and your human nature, free yourself from your emotional baggage, you'll feel lighter.

How do you feel after a big emotional release?

If you're ready to start releasing those stuck emotions and healing yourself from shame, I'd love to help you. Get started at the link in my bio :)

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