Let me (re)introduce myself

Let me start by saying a big thank you for being here, whether you've been here for a whole or recently joined the Tribe, I'm grateful to have you!

And while we're at it, have you downloaded my freebies yet? You can find them via the link in my bio...

So, 5 things about me:

- I'm currently in France where I was born (I have lived in the UK & in Jamaica) and I keep being told that the French accent is cute - what do you think?

- let's talk about my deep love for animals, I can't even start to explain how much I love them, their love is so pure... aren't they all cute?

- I used to be an executive, managing the whole administrative service by myself and then became my boss' right arm - I had the best bosses ever and we're still in touch to this day, I'm forever grateful for them (sending you love if you read this <3)

- As a child I wanted to "be a healer and talk to spirits to help people" and guess what? That's exactly what I'm doing (although my wording has changed...) - paranormal is part of my life 100%

- other things I love: crystals (who doesn't?), stationery, I have a weird passion for pens and notebooks (if you've seen my stories, you know what I mean...) I'm also obsessed with 90s Eurodance as it's very uplifintg and gives high energy (and yes, I do have solo parties in my car...).

What about you? Drop me a line and let me know what YOU love or even if we have something in common :)

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