Let's talk about etheric parasites

Let's talk about those etheric parasites (because it's been a while, right?)

☁ What are implants?

Etheric beings or "devices" that get in your energy field or even in your physical body to suck energy/life force, project dark thoughts and more generally to disconnect you from yourself

☁ How to deactivate them?

1) raising your vibration (freebie alert)

2) avoiding all kinds of low vibrational substances that alter your consciousness (junk food, refined sugar, chemical drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, chemicals products...)

3) being mindful of whom you surround yourself with and exchange energy with

4) not listening to the news and more generally turning off the "tell-a-vision" and any "hypnotic" program (they're called "programs" for a reason)

5) detox your body (especially liver and bowels)

6) have a healthy lifestyle

I have freebies here that can get you started on your journey.

☁ If you are ready to go further

I am teaching cleansing methods in my psychic attack & psychic protection Masterclass that can get you started on the cleansing journey

A shamanic healing session can also help you remove anything that doesn't belong into your energy field.

If you need more info, feel free to contact me here or on Telegram

☁ Had you ever heard of implants before? Let me know down below & tag a friend who might need to hear this.

Nothing to fear!!! :)

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