Let's talk about the Akashic Records...

Have you ever heard of the Akashic Records?

They are like a giant etheric library that hold the whole story of your soul's life (and humanity's)... You can go there and get clarity on a decision you need to make but also to see the origin of a pattern and a lesson you need to learn in order to break the loop.

We choose to incarnate at a certain time, day, month, year, in such family, in such area of such country for a specific reasons. Everything is done with precision, like complex calculations of an architect who builds a house.

I have freed myself from a toxic karmic relationship by visiting the Akashic Records, also understood the strength and origin of a soul connection so that I could deactivate the intensity and heal patterns. The shift is felt instantly for more clarity, understanding and direction.

I created a guided meditation that can take you there...

If you feel stuck in a situation or if you would like to heal trauma, my Soul Realignment (aka Akashic Healing) session can help you.

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