Manifesting comes from within

Have you ever wondered why you can manifest some things but not everything every time?

We can manifest everything and sometimes, we get frustrated or confused as to what we don't have that thing yet (whatever it is).

First of all, let me tell you that it doesn't mean it's not for you (and even if it wouldn't be, something better would come), it just means something is not in alignment. There is also the Divine Timing aspect.

Manifesting is about removing blocks to receiving and usually it is due to past wounds that created subconscious beliefs (ex: I am not worthy, fear of failure, you name it...) those gave birth to blocks, and especially self-love block, the past has affected your perception of yourself and if you shift this perception, you'll remove blocks and open doors to possibilities.

So really the key to manifesting is reconnecting with yourself and healing.

But you don't have to be fully healed before you can unlock the next step on your path (I'm not even sure "fully healed" even exist), it's just about shifting what's in your way and keeping on growing.

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