Meet your Spirit Animal (Guided Meditation)

  • What is a Spirit Animal?

A Spirit Animal is a helper, a guide, a teacher, a messenger from the Spirit World whose mission is to help us on our path.

  • How many animal guides do we have?

We can have several Spirit Animals around us simultaneously, some are with us from birth and stay all our life, some come and go according to their mission and to where we are in life on our path.

  • How are they helping us?

They are helping us with their strengths and characteristics, they teach us what we need to know about ourselves, what quality we can develop and how we use our strengths.

With this meditation, I am going to take you on a journey in the Astral Realm, to a place where all the animals reside for you to meet the Spirit Animal who has a message for you at this moment in time. It can be any animal, even an animal from a specie that is now extinct on Earth because they still exist energetically as energy never dies.

Please don't listen while driving or operating machinery for your own safety as you will be in a state of relaxation and different state of consciousness.

Take this moment for yourself and have fun with the experience.

After this meditation, you can look for information about the animal you will have met (way of life, characteristics, symbols, etc.) so that you can understand how you can relate to him or her, what it has to teach you, etc.

You can call upon your Spirit Animal anytime, meditate with him, visualize yourself playing with him and bathing in his energy and wisdom, you can also get a figurine, print an image and display it on your wall or use this image as a screensaver, etc.

Have a nice time listening to this meditation!

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