• What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness of the present moment, it consists in being present with oneself. Living mindfully is living the now moment.

In daily life, it is indeed difficult and even impossible to always be in the now moment. Sometimes the past can happen to come and haunt us, we tend to worry for different things, moreover we need to plan the future in terms of budget, paying bills, making appointments, etc. However, mindfulness is going to help us come back to the present moment.

This is not something that takes place overnight, it has to be learned and practiced.

  • How and why mindfulness can help

Mindfulness enables us to get more mental clarity, to detach from judgment, to heal some recurring patterns we see in our life.

It consists in paying attention to our thoughts, actions, emotions, words, what triggers us but also to the way we are reacting to circumstances and situations that we have to face.

When we notice a situation that keeps happening in our life (what we call a recurring pattern), we can then decide to change our habits and our reaction to it by approaching it differently. We can then heal ancestral/family patterns, trauma, blockages, etc. and re-write our story.

  • Some tools to help develop mindfulness

- Reiki and energy healing in general

- Personal development coaching

- Meditation (sounds, music, guided meditation...)

- Being in nature, grounding, spending time with plants or animals

- Self-awareness, observation of thoughts, emotions, etc. when facing different situations

- Yoga, Tai chi...

- Working with crystals that help calm the mind and give clarity (ex: amethyst, fluorite...)

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