My experience with ancestral healing

What Ancestral healing and psychogenealogy did for me when I first started back in 2014, it helped me:

  • realize I had a role to play in my family, for a bigger purpose than the one I had ever seen

  • take the space that was mine in my family, mentally

  • see concrete proofs that there is no mistake, we are born where we need to be

  • understand how the family's subconscious plays an important role on us and how we can be conditioned

  • find inner peace

  • understand how our first, middle and last names influence us and how they are not chosen randomly

  • comfort my decision to legally change my name, not from a place of rejection but from a place of self-love and freedom

  • reinforce my inner knowing that it's totally ok to not appreciate some family members but to still love them and wishing them well from a distance

  • have a better understanding of some patterns and how they were created

  • have more compassion and understanding towards my ancestors, and therefore towards myself

  • face some fears in a loving and liberating way

  • understand how our planet's, country's and local area's history can impact our ancestors and us, directly and indirectly

These techniques are life changing and I'm very happy to be able to help other people - like you - improve you life, free yourself from what doesn't belong to you and create your own beautiful story.

Check the Ancestral Healing service page here, I'd be happy to work with you!

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