My truth about crying in public

You are not always able to control your emotions, sometimes it just comes up and you have to honor them, especially when you're on the path of spiritual awakening, when you are healing yourself and letting go of anything that no longer serve you.

Sometimes, you feel powerless in front of your emotions, meaning you can't control them. It has happened to me... and I was feeling embarrassed, I tried not to cry, I tried to hold tears back... but nothing worked and I had to surrender and let tears flow...

Did I feel stupid at the time? Yes

Did I judge myself? Yes

Was I embarrassed? Yes...

Not only did I have to deal with the situation that created the tears (usually extreme stress or worry or also something unfair like someone treating me terribly/aggressively while I had done nothing to deserve such an aggressive reaction), but I also had to get over the fact I had cried in front of people...

I felt like a fool, weak, guilty... I felt I had to justify myself or explain... you name it...

But with time, I realized that as an empath (actually Heyoka empath), there had to be a higher purpose - for myself and for the people involved:

  • I couldn't poison myself because of someone else's reactions or an outside situation, so I was evacuating toxins as they were being thrown my way

  • that person/situation was echoing wounds that were already in me, with the law of resonance, the cells stored within me that had the same energy signature/frequency were activated, that's why I was unable to control my tears... this person/situation was also helping me release toxic crap stored in my energy field.

  • I was also being used as a mirror/tool to 1) give these people a chance to see how their energy can impact other people 2) see that it is ok to burst and to cry 3) bring consciousness 4) bring compassion 5) shift the global energy of the situation. The people in front of whom you have an emotional outburst need to witness that for whatever reason.

So to conclude, I am here to tell you that crying/showing emotions in public:

  • is not you being weak, it is not a sign of weakness

  • has a higher purpose

  • serves your own healing

  • serves as a catalytic event

  • will prevent you from further poisoning yourself as you are releasing (instead of bottling up).

I hope this will help... the more you work on yourself, the more you can heal emotionally and you can learn to channel your emotions. I have a course available if you want to learn more about it, you can click here.

Are you interested in learning more about it? Feel free to drop a comment below or sent me a message.

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