Myth-busting: "self-love is about physical appearance" -> not true

Have you ever thought this? At the very beginning of my journey, I thought it was about loving your physical appearance and your body... something I had struggled with since childhood because of the bullying I had undergone, among other things...

You can't know better before knowing better, right?

Although loving your physical appearance and your body as a whole IS indeed part of loving yourself, it is deeper than that. Self-love implies the physical, emotional, mental/mindset, soul aspects of you, what makes you you, your energy.

Self-love is about loving each and every aspect of yourself, accepting yourself and knowing you also have the power to improve what you feel you need to improve, from a place of embracing yourself and growing - NOT from a place of running away from yourself.

Self-love needs to be unconditional, it implies healing your wounds, false programming and removing blocks so that you can manifest and unlock the doors towards your dream life.

If you're struggling to find unconditional love for yourself, if you need to clear blocks and heal past wounds preventing you from achieving your goals, my timeline healing through Akashic Reading is for you! You get a psychic reading of your Akashic Records and healing of the reality in which trauma or wounds happened so that you can clear it from your energy field and move forward in the direction of your goals and dreams.

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