Myth Busting: "Truth hurts"

We have all heard that statement, right? One of those famous all-made expressions...

As far as I'm concerned, I do not agree with that statement...

Why would truth hurt? The Truth is the Truth, it is neutral, it just is! The Truth doesn't care if we're hurt or not, we are responsible for our reactions.

What really hurts is not the truth, it is the deception, the lie being exposed, the actual realization that we have been lied to, played with or manipulated.

What hurts is not the truth in itself, it's the illusion being busted, it's the comfort zone being questioned, it's the feeling of betrayal... you name it.

Truth heals, it is what it is, we can't change it. Whatever triggers or feels painful is something that needs to be healed.

I'd rather receive a truth that "bust my bubble" than a lie covering darkness (and I don't care if the lie is done with the intention to protect me, who said I needed to be protected anyway? and protected from what in the first place? telling a lie to protect someone is an infringement to their free will and a form of overprotection (aka abuse)

And it is the same principle about your own self and your own story... a lot of people are afraid to face their truth while facing the truth is very healing and freeing and that's when quantum leaps and big shifts happen.

If you're ready to peel the layers of false beliefs, wounds and hurts to discover your truth, embody your true essence, heal and become empowered, my bundle of sessions is for you! Check the link in my bio if you want to visit my website or book a free discovery call.

See you soon!

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