Myth: Consistency means having the same routine no matter what...

Let's debunk a myth today: Consistency means having the same routine no matter what.

I don't fully agree with that... To me, consistency is about doing something on a regular basis (if not everyday) in order to move towards a specific goal. Let's talk about the journey back to yourself, to loving and accepting yourself no matter what as an example. It's about showing up for yourself everyday even when you don't feel like it. Making no excuses, leaving no room for toxic habits.

It's not about blindly following a routine of 1-hour meditation, 30-min walk in the forest and writing 10 times the same affirmation "because you have to be consistent otherwise it won't work", this is counterintuitive (maybe it works for some, but not for everyone, definitely not for me).

So in this case, consistency to me is doing something for yourself every day, no matter what happens, it could be cooking a healthy meal instead of grabbing some fast food on the way, switching from that chemical soda that is way too sweet to a homemade natural herbal tea, it could be not listening to the news and deciding to read a book or learn something new instead.

Even if some days you feel a bit low, do something for yourself, even if it's a small thing, even if that small thing is a conscious shower -> ex: instead of just taking a shower, you take a shower with intention and giving yourself full attention and presence, telling yourself you're cleansing low vibrational energies and you'll feel better. Small things are what make the difference.

You owe it to yourself not to give up on your dream and if you skip a day, it's ok, you can start over anytime.

It's about taking time for yourself and doing something intentionally, it doesn't have to take a long time, everything counts.

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts :)

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