No one can force you to talk about your trauma - Story time

A few years ago, when I was still going to my clients' houses for in-person sessions, I used to go a lady's house every week, she had an auto-immune disease and had experienced heavy trauma.

And you know what?

I never knew what her trauma was, she never wanted to talk about it and I never asked.



1) I am not here to force anyone to talk about things they are not ready to talk about

2) I can help without knowing the issue that my clients are facing - energy speaks louder than words

3) I was forced by a "healer" to talk about a trauma while I wasn't ready to do so, which created another trauma on top of that trauma: I was in shock to have spoken about it while I wasn't ready...

This healer (or his ego) wanted to know why I was releasing so much emotionally after a session, I couldn't think straight, I just needed someone to hold space for me while I was processing, all I needed to hear was "it's ok, you're just clearing old stagnant emotions that you need to let go of, it's ok to cry, all is normal, you'll feel better in a few minutes" but instead, what I heard from that "healer" was "say it, tell me, if you want to heal you have to tell me, if you don't talk about it you won't heal"... I wish I had known better had the time because that's plain bullsh*t right here! (if you pardon my language...)

There is no such thing as this! A true healer would never force someone to talk...

When you work with me, I will ask you if there is anything specific that you want or need to talk about or work on or if you prefer an intuitively guided session. When you work for someone's highest good, you don't HAVE to know what is bothering them. You just trust you will receive the necessary information that you need to channel for them to be consciously aware of at this moment in time.

I will always welcome anyone to talk about their trauma if and when they are ready, but I will never force!

To get back to my story about my lovely client, at the sessions went by she was opening up more and more without telling me the whole thing, but she'd speak about how she felt and I didn't point it out "oh you see, you're starting to share more", because she was doing it naturally so I let it flow out of her - pointing it out might have made her scared to open up more. However, I was always congratulating her of her progress and the good results she was getting in general.

One day, as I was about to leave after our session was done and our coffee was drunk (at the time, I wasn't charging yet as my business wasn't officially open so she was always offering me a cup of coffee and we'd have a nice chat after the energy work) her husband came in and I will never forget what he said as he shook my hand "Nice to meet you Morgane, I don't know what you are doing to my wife, but thank you" and he was sharing how energized she always was after a session.

This truly made my heart happy, because I am doing this work from a place of passion and mission and all I want is to help lovely souls feel better in their body and their mind and also emotionally.

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