Non-interference & free will

It is very important not to decide or act on behalf of another person without their consent or permission just like it is very important to not let anyone decide or act on our behalf without our consent or permission. It goes both ways.

Even if someone does this with good intentions because they care, they want to help and they are convinced that they are doing the right thing, not everyone thinks and reacts the same way. Everyone has a different definition of what is good for them.

When we decide to act on behalf of someone without their consent or permission, it is like a violation of their free will. Free will is important, it is a Universal law on Earth.

Why is it important to respect free will?


  • what someone considers as good is not necessarily good for someone else - judgment is subjective

  • letting someone decide for themselves is giving them the opportunity to invest in their decision and to be responsible for it, for their actions and for everything it involves

  • when we let someone act or decide for us we are giving them permission to cross our boundaries

  • someone who acts on our behalf implies (consciously or unconsciously) that we are not able to make our own decisions or to do what is good for ourselves

  • this type of situation can sometimes become a form of control or a way to manipulate that can sometimes even go as far as developing co-dependency

  • deciding for someone is considered as an intrusion in their life

  • it can be a form of over-protection and over-protection is a form of emotional and mental abuse

  • the non-respect of free will creates interferences at a karmic level whether it is for the person whose free will is violated or for the person who is violating someone's free will (ex: when we act on behalf of someone we might prevent them from learning an important lesson and this person will see the pattern repeat until they can decide or act for themselves) and this creates an imbalance.

If someone makes decisions or acts on your behalf behind your back, they are taking over your personal power, even if the situation seems insignificant, always be mindful in order to avoid situations in which your boundaries are crossed and where your self-confidence is affected little by little...

Small tip: always keep your free will in order to avoid other people to take your personal power away and to cross your boundaries, that way you remain in control of your decisions and the master of your life.

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