Overprotection is abuse - unpopular opinion

When someone is overprotective, the silent language behind this is

"I don't trust life"

"I am afraid that something happens to you so I am going to control your life to make sure nothing happens to you because nothing is safe"

"I am not sure you can handle it so I'll take charge for you"

Basically it is like saying to the being that he/she can't live his/her life, that he/she will fail or that he/she is in danger. Imagine the amount of limiting belief it can create for a child...

This silently and subconsciously teaches the child to live in fear and survival mode, to expect danger or sh*t to happen anytime. It is not granting the child or any being the right to be human/their own persona and to make his/her own experiences.

Therefore the child can happen to feel unworthy or that he/she is not allowed to live and be happy because happiness brings danger given that nothing is safe, what if everything collapsed? This way teaches limitation and false beliefs... But this is not valid anyway because control is only an illusion!

Happiness is not to be placed outside of ourselves.

It is important to grant other beings their own power, including the power and right to make their own experiences (even if that's what you'd call a "mistake", maybe they need the teaching)

We are all entitled to be happy, we are all allowed to be happy. We are sovereign beings.

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