Prayers: how to and why?

Many years ago, before I got into spirituality and even at the beginning, I was confused about prayers and it was making me uncomfortable because in my mind, it was associated with religious beliefs. But that is not the case at all and I wanted to share what a prayer means to me and how powerful a prayer can be.

  • Prayers and beliefs

Whether you have religious beliefs or not and whatever your beliefs may be, you can pray. You can for example believe in a Supreme Force, in a God, in the Universe, in Source without having a religious background or you can also belief in yourself, in life and in the power of life actually.

You can pray to a God but also to Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Spirit Guides, your deceased loved ones or any Light Being you feel guided to pray to. You can also pray to your Higher Self/Soul or someone else's Higher Self/Soul.

  • Prayers and free will

Some prayers are based on fear. Sometimes we can happen to pray with the intention of helping someone according to what we believe is good for them. But what we consider good for this person might not be what they want for themselves. And this form of prayer can sometimes create interference or intrusion in that person's life even if we really do mean well.

Also sometimes it can be a prayer like "may XXX see how much he/she has hurt me" or "may XXX come back to me" or "may my twin flame stop running" -> in these cases, the prayer is done according our own point of view and according to what we feel is good for ourselves, but what about the other person? If we are hurt, it is our perception of someone's actions, that person might not have intended to harm us. Coming back with someone might not be the best thing and might be based on old beliefs and outdated circumstances. The famous "twin flame running" happens for a reason and we can't make someone stop running...

These are just examples to see how sometimes some people's prayers can be considered as a form of control and can impact other people's free will - this can create karma for ourselves.

  • How to pray for someone without being intrusive

I'm going to give 2 examples:

1) You can ask for help and call upon that person's Spiritual Team (we all have a Spiritual Team around us... Source, Guides, Angels and any Light Beings). These beings respect the Law of Free Will, we need to ask them for help and not everyone knows about it. They know what is for someone's highest good and they will know what to do to help that person.

Here is an example of how you can formulate your prayer:

"I am calling upon XXX's Spiritual Team, may all the help that XXX may need at this moment in time be sent to him/her for his/her highest good - Thank you".

2) You can ask the person's Higher Self to bring them whatever they may need.

"I am calling upon XXX's Higher Self, may all the help that XXX may need at this moment in time be brought to him/her. Thank you for guiding him/her in the direction of his/her highest good"


"I am calling upon XXX's Higher Self, thank you for showing me if and how I can be of any help to XXX"

I hope this was helpful. Have a nice day!

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