Psychic or energy attacks and shielding

We are all born with an energetic protection system. This system acts on our energy field the same way as our immune system acts on our physical body. Sometimes our energetic protection system is weakened (due to trauma, emotional shocks, diseases, etc.) and that makes us more exposed to the possibility of being attacked and affected by eventual energy attacks (also called psychic attacks).

  • What is an energetic or psychic attack?

A psychic attack takes place when someone is sending you negative energy, whether this person does it on purpose or not. It can also be an entity attack.

There are several forms:

- intentional attacks: when someone insults you, cusses at you, wishes evil on you (even if it is under an emotional reaction and they don't really mean these things, it can still affect you) or when someone does rituals against you (voodoo, black magic, etc.). It can also be an entity attack (ex: demons or entities that have bad intentions towards humans because they like to play tricks to feed themselves off low vibrational energies like fear, pain...)

- unintentional attacks: when someone carries a negative energy in them and dumps their problems/emotions on you without wanting to harm you (ex: someone who relies on you, who only calls you when they need and with whom interactions are not balanced, like situations of co-dependency)

- energy vampirism

- a consequence of a negatively charged environment or place in which you are feeling oppressed because you are sensitive and are feeling the effects of this toxic environment, this can also impact your energy field.

  • How to protect yourself and strengthen your energy system?

You can carry crystals, burn sage, visualize light particles around you (golden but also blue and purple), etc. In addition to the tips given in the article about energy vampires, you can call upon Archangel Michael.

This Archangel has many talents (like all the Archangels and Angels, etc.) but he specializes (if I may say so) in psychic protection. If you resonate with Him, you can ask him to place a shield around you. He is the keeper of the Psychic Protection Flame.

Here is an example of prayer:

"Dear Archangel Michael, please activate your Psychic Protection Flame for my body, my aura and all my energy system to be protected against psychic and energetic attacks as well as against any negative energies, please purify and strengthen my system. Thank you, and so it is done."

  • Tips:

- Practice this every morning when you wake up for your system to be ready and protected for the day

- In the evening before you sleep in order to cleanse the energies that you have accumulated during the day and to protect yourself for the night (we all are multi-dimensional beings and when we sleep, our physical body is resting but our soul is evolving on other planes)

- Repeat this during the day as many times as you feel the need to if you are facing a stressful or negative situation.

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