Quick tip on how to approach any problem

This might sound silly and simple, but it does help, so I want to share this quick win:

1) Stop seeing them as problems (which implies "omg I'm effed")

2) Don't focus on the problem you're facing

3) Thinking in terms of solution "what is this trying to show me" "how can I approach this differently"

4) shift the energy

If you actually "ban" the word "problem" from your vocabulary, it will contribute to reprogramming your mind into focusing on the outcome and what can be done to solve it.

*Disclaimer* this is NOT a spiritual bypass or a denial, it's just a conscious shift of perception and a conscious choice of what I invest my energy in (namely solution and moving forward vs. being stuck)

In my world, there is no "problem", only solution to be found.

Was this tip helpful? Let me know if you're going to try :)

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