Reprogram Your Mind - Tip #1

You're probably wondering "how can I change that?", here's the truth...

Anticipating what others might say only shows a fear of being judged and criticized, therefore not accepted or even rejected or humiliated.

⭑What does the mirror say?

It says that you don't accept yourself fully, you are ashamed of yourself or rejecting yourself.

⭑How to change that?

First of all, become aware of the fact that you are not seeing yourself through the lens of love, you're afraid of what people might discover about you that you haven't found yet or that you are already rejecting about yourself.

Why not see where these self-judgment and criticism are coming from? When was the 1st time this thought pattern started?

⭑My challenge to you:

From now on, notice when you are about to anticipate what others might say and switch to a more positive mindset "I love myself an I let others accept me as I am"

Save this post and let me know in the comment below how this challenge has been going for you so I can celebrate with you and give you more tips if you are feeling stuck.

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