Reprogram Your Mind - Tip #2

If you ever wondered why some human beings gossip, here are some reasons/truths that hide behind:

  • ▹ Gossiping and talking negatively about others behind their back comes from a place of fear and lack of connection with oneself.

  • ▹ It's also a defense mechanism because one feels unsafe, a way to "build a file against you" in case one day "something bad happens", they are "prepared", when one talks negatively about others, one is anticipating the hurt... a hurt that only exists in the mind and that might never happen because you have other things to do than talking negatively about others', right?

  • ▹ Another thing: talking badly about someone is a way of rejecting the person because they are perceived as some kind of threat, it generates more separation, a need from the gossiper to separate themselves from you because they are seeing that you are doing things that they would either not dare do so it's easier to criticize others than actually taking actions...

༓ The truth is that whoever gossips is spending too much time outside of themselves seeking validation, distraction and reassurance.

༓ If you are being confronted to that, just see how that person lacks self-love, mentally send them compassion and resume with your day.

If you are triggered, it's ok, just use this as an opportunity to see why you are being triggered, what is the fear or wound linked to that; use the gossiper's low vibrational energy for your own growth, you'll win :)

Not sure what you need to see or what is the trigger about? Let me know and we will see how I can help :)

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