Reprogram Your Mind - Tip #5

You can't be happy in the future if you don't start building happiness in the now...

"I will be happy when..." "I will start working on myself when..." Nope...

I do know it's hard, I've been there before, not seeing hope, feeling stuck, etc. but I guarantee you it is possible to shift, happiness is a guest you can invite anytime if you look small first. By "small" I mean "little details", making everything count, being grateful for what is there and trusting that you are meant for more and that your heart would never place a desire within you if it wasn't made to come true.

The only moment that exists in this physical reality is NOW and every second is a new opportunity to take a new start.

Don't wait until the New Year, the beginning of the month, the next Monday, start now :) You matter now and every minute that goes by and you are creating your future every second that goes by.

If you need help, I have a guided meditation available on Youtube (link in bio), if you're feeling stuck, message me and we can chat :)

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