Reprogram Your Mind - Tip #6

No more negative self-talk... Do you accept the challenge?

My challenge to you is Banish these from your vocabulary: "I suck at this"... "I'm stupid, I should have thought about it..." "if only I had known..."

If you notice you're having this thought, congratulate yourself for having had the awareness and reformulate positively...


"I'm always late" will become "I am working on improving my time management"

"I suck at maths" will becoming "maths is not my best skill" (implying you have other skills and that you're good at them)

Talking negatively about yourself to others will focus their attention on what you actually don't want them to focus on, don't apologize for who you are, be aware and work on improving what you feel needs to be improved.

Share this with a friend who can be your accountability partner and decide to catch each other with love.

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