Self-Love - Day 17

And here is why...

  • perfectionism: not only perfection does not exist but it is also subjective, what is perfect to you might not be to someone else

  • judgment of self and others: judgment is subjective and doesn't bring anything

  • self-doubt: cultivating self-confidence is the best remedy... It is not always easy but when we know that we are always doing our best with good intentions and in a mindful way, this doesn't not leave much room for doubt

  • imagining negative or worse-case scenarios: here again, this is not productive and can't help you, why not imagine the best for yourself?

  • worrying: this will not help you either and won't change anything to the situation you are facing, listen to your worries in a detached way (meaning observing without engaging) and decide not to believe them.

  • complaining: this will not help you, there is a difference between expressing your opinion and feelings by stating facts (which can be healthy and productive) and complaining (which will not solve any situation and cultivate negative vibrations)

  • wanting to be in control: control is only an illusion because we can never control everything anyway...

So... which one are you deciding to let go of today?

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