Self-Love - Day 4

I have heard this before and trust me, I used to believe that too... But this is absolutely false... Because:

- you have heard negative things about you

rself in the past from someone you acknowledged as an "authority" so you took this statement as true

- your ego (=defense mechanism) is trying to protect you from being hurt so it is telling you that if you know that negative fact about you already, no one can hurt you again because it is the truth

- you are therefore projecting this "false truth" on other people, allowing them to treat you the same way as you carry this pattern in your energy field and people respond to energy without being aware o

f it, you will then have created a situation that will confirm that your ego was right

- when you talk negatively about yourself, you are placing other people in a negative mindset about you...

But hey, I have some news for you... what if people didn't have anything negative to say about you? What if you opened yourself to receiving compliments? What if you let people welcome you for who you are? And what if you would let that negative self-talk go? No matter what, always talk positively about yourself

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