Self-Love - Day 7

Up to 11 years ago, I was going out almost every week-end with my friends from University, nothing fancy, just going out for dinner, chilling, going for walks in spooky places in the dark, sometimes we would go dancing or someone would throw a party at their place... we were a small bunch of harmless nerds really lol but I had already started my spiritual awakening Journey (back in 2007) and it was becoming harder and harder for me to resonate with them without knowing why at the time.

So I would force myself to go out, until I reached a point where I was actually feeling sick before I would go out, I would make excuses sometimes saying I was tired because I was working a lot (which was true) but I was then blamed and criticized for working too much and not wanting to spend time with them, so I would feel guilty and force myself to go, I was afraid of being judged and criticized.

The atmosphere had changed, they had now started to drink to make the nights out "more fun" and I have never been into drinking (as a matter of fact, I never drink and have never been drunk, my Higher Self has always kept me away from that #grateful), gossiping about one another behind the absentee's back had become the norm and I found myself engaging in that at some point (something I was not really proud of but I forgave myself) and it had become so unbearable that I hit the realization that all of this was wrong...

Were they really my friends? Do true friends really criticize each other? Why would I feel sick to my stomach before meeting my friends? To cut a long story short, one day, I decided to be brave and to something for myself: I was no going to force myself anymore and I literally stopped going out. What a relief it was! I had no anger, no resentment, no guilt, I just chose me. To this day, I have never bumped into one of them again and this was my confirmation that I shifted reality and timeline. I left behind what wasn't serving my highest good anymore.

What about you? What are you doing to choose yourself?

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