Signs of soul fragmentation

We often hear about "soul loss" or "losing a piece of soul"... I prefer using the term "soul fragmentation" because nothing is lost. After experiencing a trauma or a shock one (or several) fragment(s) of our soul can go missing, it is like they are "hiding", the soul fragments are like frozen in time and they can therefore be collected. Here, you can find some signs and symptoms that one can experience when a soul fragmentation occurred.

  • Recurring dreams of disturbing scenes, insomnia

  • Loss of interest for something we used to enjoy

  • Loss of creativity

  • Feeling split, empty, dissociated, disconnected form ourself, not feeling present in our body, as if we were outside of ourself, spectator of our life

  • Loss or lack of self-confidence

  • Feeling that we have no value, nothing to offer - sometimes by waves of emotions

  • Having difficulties to make decisions and questioning these decisions

  • Looking for other people’s approval or support

  • Lack of motivation or desire to make our dreams come true

  • Being harder on ourself than we would like to, which could even lead to self-loathing

  • Feeling lost, not knowing in which direction to go or how to move forward

  • Depression after a significant event or chronic depression

  • High anxiety

  • P.T.S.D.

  • Weak immune system, auto-immune disease or other diseases

  • Addictions to fill a void (drug, alcohol, food, work, need to possess material things…)

If you are experiencing one or several of these symptoms and if you and your doctor have eliminated some medical causes and hypothesis, then a soul retrieval session may help you, you can click here to know more about the service I am offering. Many people have experienced a soul fragmentation throughout their life, be it in childhood or later in adult life, without knowing it. Don't worry if you feel that an aspect of you is "missing", you haven't lost anything, your sparkle is alive and your inner light is going to shine again. You are not alone in this!

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