Small energy update - beginning of February

Today is "two's day" a very important date and energy portal,

- right after what some call Imbolc, which is the middle point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

- right after the Lunar/Chinese New Year

- Powerful New Moon in Aquarius

We've also had strong solar energy, which is like receiving a massive energy healing session directly from the Sun, the Giver of Life.

The Schuman Resonance has also been showing activity, it's exciting!

Some symptoms can be felt:

  • A lot of past patterns are resurfacing to be cleared and revisited. Sometimes you wonder "what more do I have to learn from this?" and you can't necessarily find an answer - be present and know that the process is unfolding, whether you are consciously aware or not and that your past self is aligning with your now self for more healing and a higher vibration, you're collapsing timelines.

  • Also, heart/higher heart energy center upgrade, you might feel weird sensations, tightness, shooting pains here and there.

  • you might also feel an intensification of your emotions and being triggered

  • your Higher Self might also guide you to cut contact or at least reduce interactions with some individuals that aren't on your vibrational level anymore.

Make sure to drink a lot and stay grounded.

Be mindful of your thoughts, don't engage in any low vibrational scenarios, always be an observer.

Take care of yourself!

(Note that I only deal with the energy aspect, I am NOT a doctor so I don't talk about physical health nor do I make any diagnosis according to the law)

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