Sometimes all you need is an ear - Story time

I remember my first client back in 2014. My business wasn't established yet so I wasn't charging (I was just accepting donations if people offered so it would to compensate the cost for the gas as I was going to people's places...), I was already a Reiki Master (I was only using Reiki and no other energy healing technique at the time) and still studying to become a certified personal development coach...

Anyway... This nice lady that I knew through a family member heard I was offering sessions and one day I bumped into her at a festival, she asked if she could talk to me so we went for a walk together and she opened up, for the first time she was opening up about things she hadn't really spoken about to anyone before - especially not to a "stranger" and she was very moved that she did that and that someone was willing to listen to her and help her.

She could unburden herself and after that she decided to book a session. So I went to her place at the agreed day and time, we did the session and after, I held space for her to reconnect with reality, she had an emotional release and I could channel a message and give her a new perspective on a trauma she had experienced a few years before.

After we finished, her energy had changed, her energy was more luminous and her facial expression - you know these micro-expressions - was different, I could read relief and more peace in her eyes.

She enjoyed our session and booked a few more over time. I have always been grateful for her, she stills purchases from me from time to time, an e-book here and there.

With her, I got to learn that sometimes, the 1st thing that someone needs is an ear. Sometimes people don't know who to talk to, they're afraid to "bother" or sound "stupid" or you name it...

If you, who are reading this, are feeling like this right now, please know that there is no such thing as "sounding stupid" or "bothering". As a facilitator, I'm here to help you get relief, find inner peace and unburden yourself.

A true healer/facilitator is not here to judge you or criticize you. We are here to support you and show you the strength that you have within you, the potential that you can't see because of trauma, belittling remarks, false beliefs, etc. but that lies within you. We're here to help you let go of lower vibrational energies so that you can reconnect with your true essence (= unconditional love) and heal, improve your life to thrive.

So whatever you are going through right now, it's not by chance that you landed on that article, if you need to reach out, please do so, let's connect and see how I can help you.

You are an amazing being with so much potential! Never doubt that!

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