Sticking with family or choosing yourself?

"You have to stick with your family and try to make things work because y'all share the same DNA"

I don't agree with that

Yes, we share the same DNA and yes we can love our family yet not appreciate some members, it's totally ok and you don't HAVE to make things ok if it's a toxic environment.

Remember that your responsibility is to do what is supporting your best interest from a place of self-love and growth.

The only way you can help your family is by helping yourself and freeing yourself. Sometimes you can help directly and sometimes you can help indirectly, meaning that by doing you, your folks will see that you are a way-shower, even if it ruffles some feathers, at the end of the day, your folks will see that they can do the same.

Let me share a story...

One of my cousins once remembered my existence because she randomly bumped into my Dad during a festival and she suddenly felt the need to have me back in her life, while several times in the past I was there and she was literally ignoring my messages leaving them un-replied... she didn't even let me know she had a second child and she suddenly wanted me to go and have a drink with her and her children? Hell no, this time I had to set a boundary and not repeat the same pattern again. I told her kindly that I didn't fancy it, that I love her but I don't think it's beneficial that we get back in touch because I left some family patterns behind. And that day, I broke the cycle that had been running on that side of the family...

Ancestral Healing empowers you and teaches you boundaries with family members, it teaches you to be comfortable with yourself and that you have to make your own decisions based on your own wellbeing (vs trying to please people with whom you only have DNA in common).

Is there any relationship in your family you wish you could be at peace with?

Let me know, I have a service that can help you!

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