Story time: How I realized I was a medium & how a medium can help you

Have you ever wondered how mediumship can help on your emotional healing journey? Let me tell you a story...

I had my 1st conscious mediumship experience back in 2009 when my grandfather's spirit visited me to announce that my grandmother was going to transition - but at the time I didn't really understand the message because she was fine (that was about 2 to 3 months before her transitioning). She came to me after her funerals... fast forward to 2011, I felt that my Lakota friend and teacher was going to pass away but I didn't know what was happening in real life as we were thousands of miles apart. Then I started my business, had sessions and started receiving messages from spirits and clients' deceased loved ones, and when I'd pass messages on, it would make them have a huge emotional release.

I specifically remember one lady, back in 2015... I went to her place to facilitate an in-person session, passed a message on to her and she cried, I held space while she was releasing and I let her express herself. She then came back to "herself" and her face had changed, something had lifted from her, some heaviness she had been carrying... her eyes looked brighter, her face looked more open... those are subtle changes I could perceive at an energy level while she could clearly feel a huge relief.

But at that time I still hadn't understood I was a medium... now before I go on, let me say that labels don't matter, I am not using this term from a place of ego or attachment to the term but more in terms of understanding what I was doing and what I could bring to others in terms of being of service.

A few years ago, I was on a video chat with my best male friend (whose identity shall remain silent for privacy reason as he's internationally famous) just a friends' talk (I mean it wasn't a session) and suddenly one of his deceased loved one came to me as we were talking about them and they delivered a message to him through me and he burst into tears, the type of big emotional release, I held space for him until he had finished his release cycle. It is thanks to him and his loved one that I realized and put a name on what I had been doing.

Once again, labels don't matter, but they can help communicate what you do to others so they can know how you can help them, that's the only reason why I use labels.

During sessions, I can never know in advance who is going to come through, I don't do it "on purpose", it just happens according to the needs of the being I'm working with at that moment in time to bring healing, closure, forgiveness, etc. and of course peace.

So during our session, it can happen that a message comes through, it's always for your highest good and always with love.

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