Story time - The day when a vision helped me find important documents

Back in 2009, I started my new functions in a sister company of the one I was already working at, same bosses, same shareholders, I was working the morning in company n°1 and the afternoon in company n°2.

Came the day when I had to deal with the 1st letter of credit ever for company n°2, I didn't even know what it was to begin with, all I knew was that it was super important and vital for the company.

One day I received a 1st set of documents, I had no idea what to do with them so I carefully placed in a specific drawer of a specific piece of furniture I could lock with a key, behind my desk in company n°1 until I was given further instructions

Time went by and one day, I was asked for these documents, I had no remembrance of them (I actually wasn't really sure what they were so it didn't fully click in my brain)... so I kind of panicked a bit because I'm usually super organized (yeah, all my files were labeled and they all had a specific spot in a specific order on the shelves... organization is my jam) and I never lose stuff so I was a bit worried because I couldn't find them anywhere in company n°2.

I home worried about it... and during the night, something amazing happened...

I remember having a dream that had nothing to do with work and in the middle of the dream, I felt a shift and even if I was asleep, I knew it wasn't a dream... I saw myself opening the said drawer of the said piece of furniture and finding the documents, then the dream resumed. I woke up in the morning remembering that and I thought to myself "costs nothing to take a look" so when I walked in the office, you bet the first thing I did was to take the key, open that famous drawer and I said out loud "ha!!!" and laughed to myself (which got my 2 coworkers wonder wtf was going on in that drawer) but that feeling of relief though! Not only had I found those documents but I realized I had a vision and I was simply amazed by that experience...

Have you had any prophetic vision before? I'd love to hear it! Feel free to share in the comments :)

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