Story time - the day when I didn't let someone who "knew better" (*lol*) manipulate me

Don't do this to yourself... Let me share a story here... I got attuned to Reiki level 1 & 2 by teacher 1, then I was referd to Teacher 2 closer to where I lived by someone I knew, we had a session that was powerful. I was planning to do my 3rd Reiki Degree with him, I was attending meetings & even did Tai Chi with him and his wife.

One day, at the end of a meeting, he suddenly said that sometimes one can think they're attuned to Reiki but they're not, he checked if I was & said I wasn't attuned "properly". I freaked out and felt my whole world was collapsing because that was so dear to my heart, the foundation of my new life I was building for myself and investing myself 100% in at every level (financially, in time and energy and my whole way of life basically).

I was in a spin for about 1 hour, then, after phoning teacher 1 to have his opinion on that statement and hearing him say "you were attuned, remember how you felt, remember your perceptions, everything you described to me after, you know I had the sincere intention to attune you, we felt the same sensations & I told you you were more advanced than the Reiki 2 level already because of who you are by nature". This gave me a reality check!

See the difference between the 2? One was making me doubt, wanting to be seen as a savior while the other was empowering me, sending me back to myself and my own sensations as he was standing in his truth & power.

I went within & remembered what I felt in my heart, what I knew deep within, what I'd seen in my 3rd eye, the sensations I had with teacher 1 vs in teacher 2's presence. Then I remembered how the conversation happened, how teacher 2 managed to tap into my fear & in my dedication to become a Master-Teacher, then I also thought to myself "he always wants more €, look at how he's been acting, telling you you're not attuned properly is a good way for him to have more € from you"

It all clicked together... then I felt a bit of anger within myself for having let myself dragged into his BS even if I got back into balance quite quickly, I still wasted 1 hour of my energy to doubt and talk myself through and out of this.

Never let yourself down, always trust yourself, trust what you know within you & what you feel deep inside.

Save this post if you need a reminder and comment a <3 below if you choose yourself.

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