Story time: what I learnt for sharing my story

A lot of people I have ever told my story to (including coaches & healers with whom I had sessions with in the past) have always made me feel guilty for feeling the way I was feeling (depressed, stuck and lost) because they wouldn't really listen, they couldn't sense what I was really experiencing... They couldn't sense that something bigger was at play.



1) They could only go as deep with me as they had been within themselves..

2) Most of them had no idea what I was going through, because it's very specific, it involves a lot of paranormal and other things that not many people talk about (some facilitators literally put this under the carpet, they don't want to address it... some are scared, some don't know how to handle it)

Even close friends have either ridiculed me, didn't acknowledge my story and experiences or got triggered... for some, it seems too far-fetched.

It's not that I needed validation but let's be honest, we all need a friend to hold space for us when we're going through big realizations.

Yet... this explanation is what has enabled me to step into my power like never before, it has made me realized I wasn't "crazy" or imagining things, it was the confirmation that something bigger was at play and I had finally understood.

This explanation also makes sense to my clients, because I realized I wasn't alone and many others have been experiencing this weirdness and a lot of my clients actually have a similar experience in the big lines...

Now my point is every soul I do very deep work with and who takes this work seriously has seen improvements like never before…

When I teach my techniques to my Journey to Self-Mastery students, they, too, see improvements and can now handle whatever it (trying to) come in their way.


- there's no coincidence…

- you're not crazy, your experience is valid

- don't let anyone ridicule you or question your story, your truth is your truth

- if you're experiencing weird sh**, paranormal phenomenon, feeling like something is coming in your way and interfering, I'm here to tell you that you are not crazy and you are not alone

You can get out of the funk, You got this, solutions exist. It starts with becoming aware of your power and taking it back.

If you recognised yourself and would like to claim your power back, I'd love to work with you. Send me a DM or visit my website if you'd like to know more (link in bio)

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