Story time: When a psychic gave me some "I know but I can't tell you" BS

Let me tell you about some BS I heard so that you know what's going on if you'd hear the same BS.

Throwback to 2015, I was having a healing and guidance session from my teachers (a couple) and one day, the lady told me "ohhh I know what is to come but I can't tell you" with a smile/smirk and seemingly excited face.

I was speechless and my mind started imagining scenario and wondering what on Earth could she see that I couldn't know... because after all, the session what about me, I had paid her to deliver teachings and a service. And at the time, I didn't know better (we learn every day, right?) my past trauma and childhood programming made that I beat myself up and stayed silent, it was the end of the session. After hanging up, it stayed on my mind... I got angry for a minute and felt betrayed "why would my higher self tell her something that I can't know if my higher self is me?". (Yeah I know... that shows the miles I have walked though :) )

Anyway... I later realized that there is no such thing as "I know but I can't tell you" so if that ever happens to you, you are allowed to politely stand up for yourself.

Why is this not a legit way of facilitating teachings or healings in my humble opinion?

1) I sincerely believe a facilitator/psychic/medium can't have access to what the client's higher self doesn't feel is beneficial for them

2) how could someone outside of you know better than you about yourself? your higher self is you, he/she would never betray you

3) that's a way to take your power away and say "I know better than you"

4) it can create dependency: the teacher/facilitator in question is trying to get you pay for more sessions so that you can "grow and be allowed to know" (to put it that way)

5) this was plain BS and a way to seem "important" and "superior"

I will never have access to a piece of info that the human I am working with isn't ready to have access to, otherwise that would be interfering. Sometimes I have access to a piece of info to raise awareness on a topic but I don't know about about the very content because the client I'm working with needs to unlock it themselves and they are powerful enough and able to do so. And I deliver the message as such, this is empowering!

This episode is another reason why I want to empower my dear clients, I know how it feels to want to heal and transform yourself, you are investing in yourself (it's not only about money, it is also about energy, time, enthusiasm, dedication) and it is normal that you have the most pleasant experience as you're aiming to transmute your past and create a powerful now for a better future.

My piece of advice to conclude: Never believe someone else more than yourself and know the difference between feeling resistance because of growth and the very uncomfortable feeling of something that doesn't resonate.

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