Story time: "When coaches disappeared in the middle of a program"

Yes, you read that well... Let me tell you how I was taken advantage of but flipped the situation and empowered myself...

Back in 2015, I started working with this "twin flame couple", they were healers/teachers/coaches, they were really helping me so when they launched their new program early 2016, I naturally HAD to enrol... it was a lot of money but I wanted to learn all they had to teach so bad that I got in because I wanted to heal myself and help others too... but everything started changing...

I will always remember that 1st session when they told me to research a certain topic and read about it, which I did and the following week I was ready to talk about it and learn more from them, their perspective... but nope, they didn't mention anything about it... instead I was the one cheering the lady up (the dude didn't even show up that day)... then they had issues and disappeared with my money (and other people's), without any support. I was shocked and felt betrayed, even if it wasn't personal "against me".

Long story short, that day I lost mentors I was looking up to, friends (or so I thought), shamanic development support and of course money, I was left in a state of confusion. It was scary and painful at every level...

I could have stopped there and said "f it", yes I was frustrated and it was unfair to us, their students... but I didn't give up, I respectfully voice my opinion on the situation, it didn't change anything but at least I had spoken my truth and stood up for myself. So I decided I'd build myself up and make myself stronger from that because I decided I didn't need them, I only needed myself and I was going to see in myself what they had seen and taken advantage of.

Yes, I did lose money, but I learnt valuable lessons that I wouldn't have learnt otherwise, that also enabled me to see that their goal wasn't to empower me but to make me dependent on them.

Why am I sharing this? So that you know what I went through, how I built myself up from there and also to show you that I know how it feels to not feel heard and even feel let down. I would NEVER wish this upon anyone...

I have learned how important it is to follow up session after session, to really give clients the needed presence and space, to make them feel heard and understood, to empower them and meet their actual need of the moment.

Because I experienced all of this, I know what type of support to provide. That is why I have decided to launch my new program, or should I say "deprogram" that will enable you to build yourself up with me by your side, I want to be accessible NOT from a place of wanting to make you co-dependent on me but from a place of wanting you to know you can reach out when you are going through a trigger or an emotionally challenging situation, so that I can help you gain insight and navigate through it with ease and grace so that you know what to do for yourself, how to talk yourself through it.

My goal is that by the end of the program, you will know exactly what to do for yourself in challenging times. You will know yourself better than ever and you will have your own back no matter what... You will be UNSHAKEABLE.

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