Story time: When I found out I was clairsentient

Let's go back in time, around 2009...

Little backstory, my best friend at the time was living in Utah, she was my Lakota soul sister, the 1st human being that activated me, my cataslyst (who introduced me to her Guide who became my friend, my teacher, a real wise and powerful Lakota Medicine Man) anyway, long story short, she was very sick (she passed away a few years after that).

One night, I was chilling on the couch in front of the TV (at the time I was still watching series) and I was in a relaxed state, not asleep but not fully awake and I suddenly realized I felt warm and kind of sweaty, as if my armpits were warm and wet but they were not - it was just a sensation, and it was weird. I intuitively felt that I had to message my friend to ask if she was ok.

I received a message back quite quickly from her husband, telling me she was having a fever peak at the moment and he thanked my for my message as it made him go and double check how she was, he was then taking care of her to make her temperature go down asap again.

I was a bit speechless at what had just happened, I was amazed that I could pick up on what she was going through and contribute to helping her while I consciously had no idea what was happening. That's one of the episodes that contributed to making me aware of who I am.

The truth is that we all have these abilities within us, they are more or less dormant for some humans but we can all develop/awaken them when we awaken to ourselves.

Have you ever had a clairsentience experience? Let me know down below.

If you're ready to develop your extrasensory perceptions, let's work together :)

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