Story time: when I heard "do you think THAT will work?" but believed in myself anyway

Have you ever told an idea a project or a dream to someone, only to hear "do you think that will work?", "yeah right, you're dreaming" or any other belittling remark? I have... many times, actually...

Many years ago, I shared my business idea with someone I knew as they were asking what I was going to do now that I had lost my job, only to hear "do you think "THAT" will work?" and even if I was decided and wasn't going to let doubt change my plans (let's be honest, opening your own business IS scary AF), I still had this sinking feeling in my stomach, of course, I didn't show it and explained why it was a good idea...

If it were now, I wouldn't go into details and I wouldn't explain anything... because the less you talk about your projects or ideas, the less negative energy you have to deal with - not from a place of fear, but why would you add extra pressure on your shoulders?

Let's be honest, making decisions can be hard when you've been shamed, disapproved of, ridiculed, judged and not really supported, it adds extra pressure on your shoulders. You don't feel safe because if you fail, you know you'll hear "I told you so" around the corner and if you succeed you're not sure you'll have people to celebrate with you, or if you do, you wonder how sincere it will be...

People project their own insecurities on you, so when they shame or belittle you, remember it's never about you! They're just projecting their fears and limiting beliefs onto you, sometimes they don't do it on purpose, they think they're protecting you, sometimes it's because they're jealous or because they can't see themselves reach for their dreams, so why would you?

The points I am trying to make by sharing this story are the following:

  • it is beneficial to avoid talking to people about your projects or dreams to avoid extra pressure or even badmind (as they say in Jamaica <3)

  • always trust yourself and your decisions, just know there are no mistakes, only experiences

  • get started even if you're not 100% sure of all the steps you only need the 1st step, the next ones will appear along the way and you can always adjust anytime

  • own your decisions

  • have your own back no matter what and even if nobody else's got you

If you need help to let go of self-doubt and trust yourself, I can help you. You can either book your free 20-min discovery call or download my freebie and unlock the Self-Doubt Crusher, a special offer to get you started.

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