Story time: When my Higher Self woke me up

Back in October, the week before Halloween, I woke up to a very subtle sound inside the wall at the level of my bed. I was hearing very low "scritch-scratch-like" sounds but I intuitively knew it wasn't a rodent (at this time of the year, it can happen that a rodent finds its way inside the wall to stay warm for winter, it was a similar yet different sound and different energy too).

A thought then came to my confused/sleepy mind "what if it's a burglar" and my sleepy-ass suddenly realized "yeah right, Morgane, a burglar inside the walls, that thought is not yours" so I snapped myself out of sleep and told whatever low-vibrational spirit was there "well tried".

I did a quick energy cleanse, claimed that nothing low vibrational is allowed in my space and *boom* the sound stopped and the low-vibrational presence left.

I thanked my Higher Self for having made me aware that something was trying to enter my space and I fell back asleep peacefully...

Conclusion: this is the perfect example to illustrate what I always say...

♥ Know yourself

♥ Know your thought process

♥ Know when something feels off

♥ Trust yourself and question anything that comes from outside of you

♥ Never be scared (had I been scared, I'd have given whatever energy was there power and permission to enter my space and that's definitely not what I want... even if I can remove it, why would I create that for myself?)

♥ They can always try to mess around and trick, but as long as you awareness, understanding and have your own back, you're good

Drop me a 💜 if this story was helpful to help you raise your awareness and trust yourself.

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