Student's testimonial - Self-Mastery Teachings

This is a message I received from my amazing student - the very first Lady who has been receiving my teachings - who sent me that message the day after receiving her 4th lesson. I was explaining her one of my exclusive tools, a technology I received/channeled from Source and it was amazing to see how she resonated with it!

I'll actually go deeper... this amazing lady came to me and She was the catalyst for these teachings, I'd never thought of teaching my techniques before.

Let me come back to the word "student" in itself... that's a word I use because in this physical world, we need to use words to describe and usually we associate teachers to students and vice versa...

But we are ALL both teachers and students simultaneously, we all learn from each other.

There is ALWAYS something to learn from one other, if it's not about techniques, it's about others, ourselves and more generally knowledge.

With that being said, it is always fascinating to share your journey, I'm always so honoured to be chosen as a catalyst and teacher to help you remember who you are and step into the next-level version of you that is closer to your dreams.

As a shaman, I'm a catalyst to accelerate your healing, personal development, as well as spiritual growth journey, I help you remember what you already know and give you insight on the unseen so that you can be empowered.

Tell me, have you ever worked with a shaman or a medium before to accelerate your results? Let me know down below :)

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