Symptoms & signs of an entity's presence

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some symptoms and signs that can be felt in case low vibrational interferences:

✦ physical pains, headaches or migraines

✦ digestive issues

✦ dizziness that feels like energy sensations/vortex in your head and/or in your whole body

✦ heaviness, lack of energy, fatigue

✦ insomnia, disrupted sleep patterns, waking up tired, not wanting to get up

✦ stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, depression

✦ low emotions (ex: getting angry or crying "for no reason")

✦ feeling nervous or hyper for no apparent reason, like something is about to happen, tension in solar plexus

✦ lack of mental clarity, trouble focusing

✦ feeling observed, like someone is watching you

✦ feeling a cool breeze or sudden cold sensations on your face or "in your bones"

✦ feeling random pokes or sensations that have no rational or medical explanation

✦ one room feels colder than others for no rational reason

✦ goosebumps

✦ items move, are misplaced, disappear or fall "on their own" or other "strange" phenomena that make no sense to the rational mind, without no rational explanation

✦ hearing footsteps, sounds, sighs, whispers

✦ electricity or electronic dysfunctions

✦ plumbing sounds, dysfunction

✦ you don't want to stay inside or on the contrary you don't want to go out

✦ children crying, not wanting to go to bed

✦ children having nightmares or night terrors, crying at night

✦ children not wanting to stay alone or are scared to go in a specific room

✦ pets acting strange (ex: staring at something "invisible", dogs barking at something, cats following/glancing at something)

There is nothing to fear, as unpleasant as it is, don't give them any power or energy.

Not all entities are evil. It can be a lost or trapped soul in distress and discomfort who needs help to transition.

However, it can also be an entity that is here to play trick and cause harm and even a demon sometimes, or a parasite...

In any case, they all need to be deal with in a specific way and you definitely don't want to leave the situation as it is, you don't want intrusive energies to feed off your precious energy.

If an entity is attached to you or is being felt, I will:

✦ remove it so that it stops sucking/draining your energy and influencing your thoughts and your life negatively; whether they are lost and trapped souls or dark entities

✦ check if there's a contract in place, if yes, I will go to the point in time when it was created and terminate it to make sure the entity doesn't come back

✦ raise the vibration, which will make your energy and immune system stronger, your mindset will be more positive, you will feel more at peace in your home/within yourself

✦ place a psychic and energy protection around and/or in your home so that no low vibration can penetrate (we're talking about entities but also human beings with bad intentions)

I refer to it as Entity Clearing and Spirit Release, also called Compassionate depossession (read article here)

If you need help, please send me a message via my contact page.

*None of these symptoms are a diagnosis, this is just for information purpose only, I am not a medical doctor and in case of doubt, refer to the relevant authorities. If any medical cause to your symptoms has been excluded, then you might consider this approach

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