Taking responsibility for your response (but not for how others treat you)

Tell me if this sound familiar:

- you feel like other people are stepping past your boundaries, disrespecting you

- trying to always have power or authority over you

- that it's always going to be like that because that's all you have know

I feel you... I used to feel that way and this false belief was reinforced by what I'd see it in my reality... until the day I started standing up for myself.

Generally, it's a person you trusted who will push your buttons and that day you'll surprise yourself reacting in a way you would never have thought you were capable of: ♛ you will stand up for yourself

♛ show that you need to be respected

♛ that you are worthy of respect like everyone else is

That day, you will break a pattern...

♥ It starts within you, see or actually have the knowing that you are worthy of respect

♥ observe when people are trying to disempower you

♥ use the mirror to do the inner work and it won't happen again

♥ if it would happen, take it as a final lesson to master, you'll just brush it off, you will get back into balance quickly or you will even notice that you stayed unbothered...

Drop me a ♥ if that helped and if you need more info, feel free to message me so I know how I can help in a more personalized way.

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