The famous emotional roller-coaster

When you're on the path of spiritual awakening/healing/ascension/consciousness expansion (no matter how you call it), you will go through phases of heavy emotions, it's a roller-coaster and it is normal, the old is leaving your system, you are freeing yourself from what no longer serve you, you are detoxing, all that could poison you at some point is going to resurface to leave your energy field. Yes, it is painful, it can be dark... very dark... you can go through anxiety and depression, feel like you are losing it... and yes, my dear, you are losing it! But not in the meaning you think...

You are losing the old, you are losing who you are not and by "losing it', you are finding yourself more and more... Hang in there, growth is not linear but expansive, you always feel like you're going backwards but you're not, you're just revisiting the past before you're taken up to the next level.

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