The past is past... or not?

Here is a common statement I have heard a lot,

"The past is past, you need to leave it where it is and move forward"

I don't fully agree with that statement...

Yes, it is true, the past is past and you can't change it... however, you can change your perception of it.

As a child, I was bullied in the school bus on the way to junior high school, it was a nightmare, I was humiliated almost every day for several years, I was called names, the children from my village would target me and call me names, make fun of me as if I wasn’t there… I heard it all.

With time, if I happened to think back on these moments, I would feel horrible: ashamed, I would sweat, sometimes cry, feel how unfair it was, my heart would beat faster and I had a ball in my stomach… And later, a similar situation repeated, and another… I really wondered what was wrong with me and I realized I could break the pattern, I actually followed my guidance that day without even realizing it - my Higher Self took over and showed me I was not going to let them happen to me anymore.

I then worked on myself, I couldn’t change what happened but I could change the story I would tell myself in my head, I realized there was nothing wrong with me and after doing both conscious/mindset work and energy work, I could deactivate the emotional, mental and physical response to this trauma.

Now, when I think about it, even as I am typing this, I feel no emotion, no reaction. It’s just another episode of my life that has taught me a lot about myself and about human nature.

So that is why today I am here to tell you - I repeat loud and clear - you can change your perception of a trauma and you can deactivate the emotional charge associated to painful events by healing your wounds and traumas.

Do you agree? Let me know your opinion and experiences!

If you want to heal your inner child, I created a course that you can follow are your own pace and that will teach you a 7-step method to heal any childhood trauma - it's a rinse-and-repeat method... Click here to read more info.

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