There is no suffering scale or competition

Let me tell you, beautiful soul, I don't agree with these sentences... I mean, yes, if you look, you can always find someone who has it worse than you and we need to have compassion for everyone, right?

But that is not my point...

My point is, someone else's pain and suffering doesn't make yours any less legitimate or valid. There is no "scale of suffering", we are not in a competition to know whose pain is worse.

If you are hurting, you are hurting, you feelings and pain are there for a reason and it's ok to acknowledge it, it doesn't make you "someone who complains", it doesn't make you "a victim", it just makes you a human being.

Of course you want to feel better, but let me tell you something: your pain and suffering won't go away if you don't acknowledge them first... Acknowledging doesn't mean you are going to stay in that pain, it means you are aware of it and are now going to take action for your highest good to shift the pain and heal it.

Do you see my point? Beautiful soul, you are so powerful and you can heal from any trauma!

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