"There's always light at the end of the tunnel" -> How long is the damn tunnel, though?

Have you been there before? Or maybe you are in that tunnel right now... I'm talking to you from the other side, I'm here to tell you that indeed, there is light and also that the tunnel doesn't have to be that long.

It was a long one for me, because:

- I didn't know myself,

- I didn't know my power,

- I didn't know what was going on in my life, I hadn't clearly identified

- most importantly, I didn't know it was not my fault: I knew I could do something for myself because no one would do it on my behalf, but I had no idea what...

- I had no friend to relate to or who could relate to me...

So I decided to heal myself... I met healers that did things that didn't really seem authentic or aligned... some even did shocking things, like forcing me to talk about something I wasn't ready to talk about or even blaming me for that very challenge I was seeking help for by investing in myself through them (sticking my nose in my own sh*t - as I call it when I want to be "poetic" and speak French 😂...) - this made me feel even worse and I really questioned myself, thinking there was something wrong with me...

That could have destroyed me... but it only made me determined to "solve my problem"...

At some point, I realized that there was nothing wrong with me, my path was just different and if no one had managed to really help me, it's because they couldn't meet me deeper than the level they had met themselves - it didn't make anyone right or wrong, the conclusion was that there was a solution out there for me that I hadn't found yet but I knew existed.

So I decided to become my own healer and did more researches. I wrote my first soul sovereignty decree in 2017, followed by many other books and healing methods in parallel to healing myself and helping my clients.

Fast forward to the end of 2021, I am realizing that all the books I had written were the foundations to something bigger that could help more beautiful souls change their life...

I am now releasing my new teaching services that enables you to

- go deep with yourself to reach unconditional understanding, compassion and love for yourself

- when you have that 👆🏻 for yourself, you have it for others and can have balanced and nourishing relationships

- face anything that has been standing between you and yourself => no more wound or trauma will be too painful to look at, you will become the observer and deactivate it from the root

- see and claim your own power,

- make you feel self-reliant and take full responsibility for your energy

- learn techniques and key information that not many talk about or address because it's "scary" or "uncomfortable" --> no by-passing, that's how you really become a self-master.

If that sounds yummy and something you'd like to explore, DM me and we can schedule your free discovery call. I'll see you in my inbox and until then, keep shining! <3

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