Unpopular opinion about empathy & healing wounds

Say what? Yes, you read that right, my dear... You are an empath and you always will be and it's a gift!

However, when you really do the work on yourself, you won't be as overwhelmed. You will still feel, you always will, because it's in your nature, but you'll be able to tell what's going on, you'll know what is yours and what is not therefore you will be able to get back into balance quickly (or even stay balanced), help the person and hold the vibration even more.

I feel this is a touchy subject for some but it is something that I have experienced myself. I have always felt things from people and places: emotions, thoughts, energies - EVERYTHING!

I used to be a real sponge and absorb everything, I'd get triggered a lot, be overwhelmed and have disproportionate reactions (ex: I'd cry a river because someone's pain I was feeling was echoing my own so it's like I was feeling it at least twice more intensely)... Can you relate?

And now? I still feel other people's pains and emotions, I still know what they think.

Do I still get triggered? Less and less, actually I rarely do and when I do, I quickly get back into balance after having addressed the issue in question

Do I still feel overwhelmed? It happens of course, but not as much as I used to.

What changed?

I worked seriously and consistently on healing myself since 2009, every single day, learning and growing awareness, analyzing past trauma, shifting perspective, forgiving myself and other people.

Was it easy? Hell no, it involved a lot of tears, hopelessness, pain... excruciating pain even... but hey! It's possible!

I'm still an empath, (Heyoka), I still feel everything but my own wounds and my own story don't come in the way in an invasive way and I can use them to help other people. I can be more present for my beautiful clients without interferences.

So yes, I'd recommend to anyone to do the inner work and especially to empaths because it can really change your life for the better... Drop me a message if you'd like to do that, let's hop on a call and see how I can help.

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