Unpopular opinion warning: everyone can heal their traumas, but not everyone is ready to do it

I know it sounds crazy, let me explain... I have seen beautiful souls in the past coming to me for healing and transformation but they were not ready to actually commit to themselves.

Some are not ready to heal their traumas because they are attached to the attention they are getting for having had that trauma, or because those emotions are familiar and going out of their comfort zone is scary...

They won't heal until they are ready to let go of the need to have attention, in other words, until they realize they are safe, that they are here for themselves and take their power back.

No judgment here, everyone is having their own experiences. I feel it's good to raise awareness on that.

Why? Because I remember having felt resistance myself many years ago, at some point I used to think if I'd heal myself from a specific trauma, it might happen again. Why? because I had the subconscious false belief that my fear was what was keeping me aware of a potential danger. And that is obviously not true at all! It is safe for us to feel uncomfortable. It's actually by being aware of the fear that we can free it and not repeat the same scenario (vs keeping everything in our energy field and creating a resonance phenomenon)

Now when I want to make sure the awareness is there for the client I am working with, I ask the question "are you ready to heal/free yourself from *situation in question*?" This question is usually enough to either bring awareness and create a shift so that the work can take place or it generates further questions first and then the shift happens.

Are you giving yourself permission to heal? If yes, drop me a <3 so I can encourage you :)

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